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Hyperledger turned 5 this year. A great milestone for Hyperledger and its community.  

I started this year by getting acquainted to Hyperledger India Chapter (HIRC) and their first event of the year ‘Hyperhack2020’. I participated with my team and won the Hackathon as runner-up. It was a well executed event by the community and saw participations from across Asia Pacific. I had been working on various Hyperledger project implementations but this event got me and many others like me to connect to the India community. 

I also got introduced to ‘Hyperledger Noida Meetup Group’ and became its Co-organizer. 

During the mid of the year HIRC organized ‘Blockchain Stories 2020’ event. That saw huge participation by industry & academics where they shared their Blockchain stories, solutions and experiences. I myself participated at the event and shared our product and experience with the community. I along with many enthusiasts got the chance to volunteer at the event. It was a great success and also saw the community membership grow and achieve 1000 followers and beyond.

In the last quarter of the year HIRC organized ‘Blockchain TechFest’ allowed community to know about various Hyperledger projects, connect with their maintainers and lean how we can contribute to them. Volunteering at this event and at the ‘5 year anniversary’ got me connected to many other Hyperledger enthusiasts, various meetup group organizers and working with them to spread the word. 

I feel that this journey has just began. Looking forward to more actively contributing to community here in India and abroad; and to a better new year for all who live on this Earth; people, plants, animals and birds alike.

Vikram Sharma 

Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator

Senior Blockchain Architect,  HCL Technologies Ltd.

Co-organizer, Hyperledger Noida Meetup Group

Member, Hyperledger India Chapter 

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